Medium-Term Investment Pool

The Combined Fund Mid-Term Capital Investment Pool

The Mid-Term Capital Investment Pool is intended for intermediate-term funds such as capital campaign funds with an investment horizon of about three to five years.  The pool will emphasize capital preservation with acceptable growth of investment.

Allocation – Approx. 70% in stable fixed income funds and 30% in equity and real estate funds.

Risk Profile – The pool could have more volatility than the Short-Term Income Investment Pool and approximately one-half the volatility of the Long-Term Legacy Investment Pool (current Combined Fund).

Anticipated Total Returns – Investment returns over time are anticipated to be 4% above inflation, 2% above the Short-Term Income Investment Pool and 2% below the Long-Term Legacy Investment Pool.

Minimum Initial Investment – $3,000.00

Withdrawals – There are no automatic distributions of income from the Pool.  Withdrawals may be made on demand once per calendar quarter.

Investment Returns as of September 30, 2020

Comparative ReturnsYTD1-year return3-year return
Mid-Term Capital Investment Pool* 2.91% 5.25% 4.62%
Mixed-Asset Target Allocation 3.05% 5.62% 4.27%

The pool was established in January of 2015.

*Returns recorded in the table include fees implicit in the funds. They do not reflect other TFE fees.

Note:  Historical investment returns are not a guarantee of future results.