Long-Term Pool

The Long-Term Pool

The Long-Term Pool is intended for investment of long-term, permanent endowment funds. These are funds in which the principal is protected and grown over time and that provide annual income to the fund beneficiary.

Allocation – Approx. 63% in equity funds, 25% in fixed income funds, 10% in alternative investment funds (real estate, hedge funds, commodities, etc.) and 2% in cash.

Risk Profile – Goal is to protect the principal of the pool, provide acceptable annual income to fund beneficiaries, and to provide capital growth of the pool.

Minimum Initial Investment – $5,000.00

Withdrawals – Automatic withdrawals of distributable income may be taken quarterly or annually. Other withdrawals may be made on demand once per month.  Trustees may require advance notice of withdrawals depending on the size of the requested withdrawal.

Fees – Total annual fees assessed to the long term pool, which include trustee, custodian, investment consultant, and fund manager fees, are approximately 1% of the pool’s value. TFE carefully manages the balance between active and passive investments so as to minimize fees.

Investment Returns as of September 30, 2021

Comparative Returns

Long-Term Investment Pool

Long-Term Total Policy

1-year return



3-year return



5-year return



10-year return



Note: Returns recorded in the table include fees implicit in the funds. They do not reflect other TFE fees.

Note:  Historical investment returns are not a guarantee of future results.

For historical returns of the Long-Term Fund, see TFE Long-Term Fund Overview and Performance 2021