Endowed Pledging

Endow the Pledge

An Endow the Pledge Fund provides a means for donors to perpetuate their pledge forever. Each gift to the fund is invested by the parish in accordance with the policies of the Endowment Fund. Gifts received into it will be invested to provide income for the parish annual operating finances or other designated purposes to support the goals of the parish, while providing for growth in value to prevent inflationary value erosion, and also to prevent invasion of the original value to the gift. This fund provides a way for members and friends to be spiritually and productively connected to the parish while living or after they have passed.

A member of the parish may begin to fund their “end of life” gift during their lifetime, over a period of time, making periodic contributions comfortable to them with the understanding that any amounts not funded at their death are fulfilled by an “end of life” gift to make up the difference. The donor may instruct the parish to invest all amounts so given, without distribution, until their bequest goal is reached.

For more information about this or other endowment-building ideas, please contact our Executive Director, Jill Heller, at (262) 902-5901 or by email at director@tfemil.org.