Endowment Building

TFE is a resource for innovative endowment building options including parish endowments, donor advised funds, and diocesan endowment funds. We exist to promote the creation of endowments and the growth of existing endowments.

We always stand ready to assist any parish, organization, or individual in the creation of endowments. We are especially interested in having conversations with small parishes about creating savings that would lead to an endowment.

We also have resources to aid a parish in beginning a Planned Giving Program. Planned Giving gives members of the parish the chance to make a lifetime, legacy gift to the parish through their will, a retirement fund (IRA or 401k), life insurance, a trust or other gift-giving vehicle.

Visit Endowed Pledging, Legacy Gifts, and Wills and Trusts for more information on these tools and strategies for planned giving.

If you have questions about beginning or increasing endowments, please contact Jill Heller at (262) 902-5901 or by email at director@tfemil.org.